The European Club of Gauhati was established in the winter of 1894 on the banks of the Brahmaputra, where the present judges’ bungalow stands – a “Europeans Only” meeting place from all walks of life. It was an oasis of exclusivity that resulted from their lack of interaction with the local community. The facilities then, included the games of Bridge, Billiards, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and Badminton. It even had three fishing boats for the use of its members. It was a place of fun and frolic.

The only Indians that were allowed into its hallowed precincts were the menial workers. To the nationalists, it stood out as a glaring symbol of imperialism and in protest they somehow managed to raze it to the ground.

The Club then shifted to a nearby building where the facilities more or less remained the same. In fact, a mini golf course and a shooting range were added. Indians were ultimately allowed to become full members with all attendant rights and privileges, including the right to vote, just a few months prior to Independence.

In the year 1950, it had to vacate these premises, as the Government of the day acquired the entire land and buildings thereon, for the construction of the High Court. The Club was subsequently set up on two steamers, "Dilwara" and "Cashmere" moored side by side at Uzanbazar ghat as a temporary arrangement. It would have continued, but for an incident where an inebriated member, slipped from the wooden planks connecting the two steamers, and drowned in the murky waters below. Rattled by this experience and not wanting any repetition, it was decided to change venue yet again, and this time on to terra firma.

The present premises were taken on lease for a consideration of Rs. 250/- per month and the Club has functioned from there ever since. It was renamed "The Gauhati Club" - a non-profit making co-operative society, with all the members being equal shareholders. It still is a place of fun and frolic.

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